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About Dol Table (Hanbok) & Dohljabi

Capturing images of your baby turning one with their Korean traditional Hanbok is such a precious memory. Your baby will have lots of fun with a Korean rice cake and props (Doljabi) while they study it, touch it, grab it and cover themselves in all that colorful! There is a lot involved in Hanbok session and a lot of images are shot. The session will revolve around the birthday child only, no family or sibling poses can or will be included. In order to capture the most natural expressions, our photo shoots typically last 30min in the studio.​


Tips for Best Hanbok and Dohl Photo

  • Please bring you baby Hanbok! If you don’t have it, please tell us. We will provide baby Hanbok. We do not provide Rice Cakes, please bring yours! Otherwise we can do decorate with our props without rice cakes.

  • Not all baby will play at the table, some baby will actually spend more time to shy in front of camera. This is perfectly okay and still makes for cute pictures! There is also the possibility that your baby will want very little to nothing to do at the table, that too is okay! Most parents come expecting their child to smile and play – this is not always the case! Each and every Hanbok session is entirely unique!

  • We will ask during this portion of the session that you stand behind us very quietly and let us commend the attention of the baby, if possible. The goal is to get as many shots as possible of the child looking at the camera, rather than at you.


Session Detail

Before the session: Sometimes baby is sick but don’t worry we can always reschedule and make it work. Just send us email! Please bring the rice cake, Hanbok and $100 bill if you like to take the Doljabi photos ($50 additional cost). We have a few Hanbok that you are welcome to use.

After the session: A password protected online gallery will be available for you to share with family and friends after approximately 2 weeks after your session. When payment for your print is made, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of print enlargements. Orders will not be placed until payment is received in full.



Don't worry, Hanbok rental is available.

Do we need to bring the Dock () for the photo session?

If you want to real Dock (떡) in your baby's Hanbok and Dol photo session, you need to bring your own (We are not provide real one for the session.) However we provide imitation Dock (모형 떡.) and all the essential props like imitation fruit, table, and others for Dol table photo session. Please look at below to compare Dol table with real Dock and Dol table with imitation Dock to help you to make your mind. 


Do we need to bring Doljabi props for the photo session?

We provide Doljabi props either traditional or modern doljabi props. Please look at below.

Traditional Doljabi props

Modern Doljabi props

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