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Ted, photographer

Ted is a professional photographer who loves to work with kids and family. He is often dubbed as “a pleasant photographer to work with”. He pays close attention to ensure that each client has a topnotch experience. Whether an intimate newborn session or giggle-filled family portrait session, he is able to create an effortless photo experience.  Ted is a detail oriented perfectionist. He catches subtle differences to create flawless images.  To him, every little detail counts to make each image satisfy his own strict professional standards.


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Katie, photographer

Katie is an excellent photographer with more than 10 years of experience. Her portraits are unique in that they convey pure emotions and heart-felt connections. Besides her artistic talent, Katie’s bubbly personality helps clients feel at ease during sessions. With a fun and relaxed approach, she has the ability to bring out the best from even the most camera shy individuals – regardless of ages. As a Mom herself, she understands that childhood is made up of precious yet evanescent moments. And she loves to capture these magical moments before they fade away into dimming memories.


Jaimie, photographer

Jamie Kim is a professional photographer with a background of commercial and fashion photography. She is internationally recognized for her fresh style and creative perspectives. The world of Jamie’s baby and family portraits depict the raptures of families with their babies’ arrival into their lives. Her empathy as a 3- year- old boy’s mom herself enables her to hit the nails to bring out the best images possible and is evident throughout her works.

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